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  • Romania

  • Iasi Municipality

  • Structural funds

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Feasability study for the rehabilitation of ex-industrial area Gradinari – RETINA project

Main objective: rehabilitation of a former industrial area  by introducing new public functions.

Technical data: we designed a new building with main function – archive; our concept was based on the specific function of the new building,  integrating ecological solutions and materials; gross area of the investemt is estimated at 2000 sq mt, four levels height of 23 mt.

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feasibility studies and technical design;
technical studies (topographic, geological, technical expertise, energy performance certification);
environmental impact assessments;
technical and economical feasibility studies;
architectural design and identity;
structural engineering design;
HVAC engineering design;
technological flows;
industrial specific installations design;
detailed design for construction;
design quality check;
bill of quantities;
investment budgeting;
design as build;
permits procedures and official approvals.