Tab 1

  • JV “Avensa Consulting” Ltd

  • Republic of Moldova

  • Customs services of the Republic of Moldova

  • Joint Operational Programme Romania – Ukraine – Republic of Moldova

  • 05/2013 - 05/ 2015

Tab 2

Externalized management services for the project IMPEFO – Improvement of cross – border cooperation between Moldova and Romania on PEtroleum and FOod Products (MIS ETC- 988 – IMPEFO)

The general objective of the project is to promote efficient border management through the modernization of common cross border points between Romania and Moldova and to establishing a close cooperation between the border authorities of Romania and Moldova in order to ensure a higher level of transparency, information reliability and compliance with the customs regulations for the import and export and transit of petroleum and food products.

The purposes of this contract are as follows:

  • To assist the applicant in the project management
  • To realize evaluation of the project implementation process and results

Tab 3

The main services provided:
• Elaborate the drafts of the progress reports, identifying, problems and solutions, interim narrative reports and final narrative report (Annex VI Model Narrative and Financial Report), financial reports (Annex VI Model Narrative and Financial Report) etc.;
• Follow timetables and transmission to Project Implementation unit regular information on the progress of implementation of the project and potential risks;
• Paperwork to support claims for payment;
• Participation in training monitoring visits, verification and control of the competent bodies and preparation of supporting documents and their multiplication;
• Participation in working meetings organized by the project implementation unit. Meetings will be held at least monthly;
• Communicate directly with representatives of the Contractor and Designer providing technical assistance during the construction works;
• Assist in the preparation of specifications for the procurement of services and works;
• Ensure the visibility of the project etc.