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  • JV “Avensa Consulting” Ltd

  • Republic of Moldova

  • International Small and Medium Business Association “Small Euro Business”

  • South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme

  • 04/2014 - 11/2014

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External expertise for the project “Establishment and promotion of new approaches and tools for the strengthening of primary sector’s competitiveness and innovation in the South East Europe” (APP4INNO) – SEE/D0223/1.2/X

The main objective of the project is to set up a transnational competitiveness support system for exploiting the innovation potentials of the agricultural SMEs across the SEE regions, allowing creating the framework conditions for SMEs to access to innovation, technology transfer and cooperation as major keys for their competitiveness in the international markets.

Tab 3

The following tasks provided on the phases of the project:
- revision of APP4INNO AF, budget change, formal communication and Change-log file, following to the inclusion of the ENPI PP. Preparation of the Addendum to the Partnership Agreement in order to incorporate the new PP.
- Updating the Project Action and Monitoring Plan (PAMP) and Audit Trail prepared by the Project Help Desk (PHD), set in place by the LP
- Assistance to ENPI PP project start & implementation, assistance to ENPI PP reporting
- Elaboration of the Bibliographic survey
• the cited economic models, business tools and business support programmes
• defined which of them could be adopted in agriculture and in agro-food sector on the basis of sectors characteristics and potential demand for them
• described the modalities by which the above mentioned economic models, business tools and business support programmes should be adapted to be transferred to agriculture and agro-food sector;
- Adapting of the elaborated by LP questionnaires to the local specific;
- Realization of the 25 interviews in 12 localities from north region:
• 4-5 interviews with innovative firms of sectors other than agriculture and agro-industry;
• 8-10 interviews with innovative firms of the agricultural and agro-industrial sector;
• 8-10 interviews with service agencies and organizations for the promotion of innovation (research centres, development agencies, incubators for start-ups, or other significant actors available and active in the local system, both in agriculture and in other sectors).
- Elaboration of a report on realized interviews with conclusions;
- Participation to the focus groups in 3 localities;
- Elaboration of the analysis report and of the operational manual for development of approaches in agriculture for north region of Republic of Moldova;
- Elaboration of the ToR for competition of companies that had implemented innovations and improved their businesses;
- Organization of the start up seminar elaboration of the information and presentation;
- Elaboration of the curricula for seminars and elaboration of the information and presentation in 2 seminars
- Elaboration of the data collected, processed applying statistical tools, elaboration of an evaluation report focused on the following elements:
- Degree of effectiveness of the developed services and tools for the promotion of innovation and competitiveness of agricultural SMEs;
- Relevance of the SMEs standards related to their competitive capacities and potentials in comparison to the agricultural SMEs characteristics in all involved regions.
- Recommendations addressed to the ENPI partner for the future fine tuning of the services delivered by the other partners to the agricultural SMEs, improving their capacity to properly answer to the SMEs needs.
- Preparation of the mainstreaming action plan, participation to the round table
- Elaboration and formulation some proposals for the Ministry of Agriculture, about the improvements of the business in agriculture field.
- Participation of 1 expert from the frame of the company at the project partners meeting.