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  • JV “Avensa Consulting” Ltd

  • Republic of Moldova

  • City Hall Balti Municipality

  • South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme

  • 12/2012 - 11/2014

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External consulting services for the project “Strategic Territorial Agendas for “Small and Middle-Sized Towns” Urban Systems” (STATUS) SEE/D/0297/4.1./X

The overall objective is to assist city authorities of the SEE countries in developing Strategic Territorial/Urban Agendas (ST/UA) (depending on the scale of the partners institutional territorial management), as a tool for sustainable and integrated development in line with 21st century standards, and in implementing Urban Centers (UC), as places where to shape, together with active local actors, the planning process that leads to the definition of strategic visions and the design of integrated urban plans: from urban regeneration to urban development

The specific objective(s) are:

  • Familiarizing the SEE municipalities with integrated urban programming approaches;
  • Setting up cooperation structures and business opportunities between main stakeholders in small and medium sized cities, while promoting operational partnerships among municipalities, investors, knowledge institutes and the third sector;
  • Defining steps and contents in order to design in each partner city an Urban/Territorial Development Agenda and to create Urban Centers in three pilot cities.
  • Creating a city-platform for exchanging knowledge on urban and territorial development themes, with the initial focus being the South East Europe cities and urban systems;

Tab 3

The main services provided:

• Tasks regarding participation to the project working meetings
• Tasks in the integration and use of project platform:
- the analysis of information placed by the project partners on the existing platform and elaboration of the proposals regarding information delivered to the Lead Partner for publishing on the platform;
- IT expert participated in the training of Project implementation where use and expleained to the participants on the elaborated Platform in the frame of the project
• Tasks in the project reports elaboration:
- elaboration of the technical report on operational analysis based on information collected from conducted methodology and use of GIS/Geo-data;
- elaboration a report illustrating all policies and plans acting on the areas of Balti municipality;
- elaboration a report describing the key features of investigated policies and the connection with decision making actors;
- elaboration an Atlas of plan and policies (1 policy/plans atlas), generated on GIS DB;
- elaboration a report on different models (min 2) based on national legislation and project partners/European countries experience in the field of urban planning centers or other similar structures;
• Tasks in the preparing and development of the workshop
- organization and development of the 3rd round of workshops (4 days);
- elaboration of one (1) survey on the way that the operate the local urban governance;
- realization of a strategic plan (based on the organized 3 workshops and studies);
- Textual report plus a Poster Plan, illustrating major urban/peri-urban/territorial conceptual developments (e.g. urban regeneration, development, rehabilitation...) and scenarios (e.g. green, creative, industrial cities...), elaboration of the prior investments projects concepts.