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  • Romania

  • Competition Council

  • Operational Programme Administrative Capacity Development 2007-2013

  • 12.04.2013 -09.03.2015

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Event management services for the implementation of the project “Promotion of activities for implementing competition policy in conjunction with sectoral policies”.

Overall Objective:

  • Organization ofconsultativesessionswith stakeholdersnationwidepublic and privatesector;
  • Hostingevents toshare eachEuropeanbestpracticeinternationalcompetition authorities;
  • Organizingtraining forstaffinthe conductof activitiesidentifiedtargetmarketregulationsoncompetition(includinginter-ministerial);
  • Organizingworkshopsinorder to acquireand developinvestigativetechniques;
  • Transmission of information -invited(viaemailor mail) to participate in collaborationandagreement with thecontracting authorityhasthe obligation to provideguestsProviderlist(name, address, emailaddress);

ensure location of the event, hosting at least the minimum number of participants indicated by the Contracting Authority.

Tab 3

The main services of the project provided:
• Sending invitations to attendees;
• Ensuring appropriate locations hosting events unfolding minimum number of participants;
• Technical equipment room (projector, screen, laptop, audio system, fixed and mobile microphones, flipchart);
• Transportation to the maximum limit of 100 participants in a 200 km round trip, the formalities of return transportation for the participants;
• Simultaneous translation services – English <> Romanian;
• Providing and organizing coffee breaks and lunches;
• Contacting all participants to confirm attendance;
• Registration on this list;
• Informing and guiding participants;
• Multiplication of promotional materials and distribute them to participants;
• Ensure proper conduct and technical logistics of the event;
• realization of photos throughout of the event;
• realization a report type verbal process at the end of each session, which will contain details about the activities carried out;