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  • Romania

  • Alba Iulia Municipality

  • Structural Funds

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Evaluation of the project “Rehabilitation of the historic center of Alba Iulia, Vauban fortification, acces roads, exterior lighting and urban furniture – interior area” Municipality of Alba Iulia.

The overall objective of the project:

Modernization of cultural-historical infrastructure of Alba Iulia Citadel and restoration, protection and preservation of the heritage with touristic potential, in order to exploit its value based on sustainable and competitive criteria, in national/international touristic circuits and support economic growth of the Central Development Region.

The specific objective of the project consists of:

Rehabilitation, restoration and enhancement of the west side of Alba Carolina Citadel, Vauban fortification ( main ditches, raveline, bastions), which is a heritage monument of national importance, by highlighting a valuable ensemble with a surface of 46294 sqm.


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The contract of providing external evaluation services  for the project consists of the development of two evaluation studies for the objective mentioned above, namely:

Interim evaluation report :

-  Data collection;

-  Data analysis.

Final evaluation report :

- Data collection;

- Data analysis.