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  • Romania

  • Botoşani County Council

  • Structural Funds

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Ensuring management services for the implementation of project “Restoration and sustainable exploitation of the cultural heritage; creation and modernization of the related infrastructure “Casa Ventura ” in Botosani municipality with the purpose of consolidating the Ethnographic Museum of Botosani”

General objective: the restauration and durable capitalization of Botosani county’s cultural heritage, towards its inclusion in the country’s tourist attraction circuit and attracting tourists, thus increasing the attractiveness of the North-Eastern Region.

Specific objectives

  • Restoring the local cultural heritage represented by the historical monument ‚Ventura House’,  from a structural, functional and architectural point of view;
  • Systematization and endowment of the interior spaces of  ‚Ventura House’ with the purpose of creating an Etnography Museum in Botoşani County and introducing it to the regional touristic circuit;
  • The rehabilitation and modernization of the infrastructures of House Ventura to facilitate the access to the two cultural institutions under the Botoşani County Council (The Traditional Arts and Crafts Schhol and the Etnography section of Botoşani County Museum).

Tab 3

Ensuring management services for the implementation of the project.