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  • Romania

  • Ministry of Environment and Forests

  • State Budget, SEE Mechanism

  • 08.03.2012 - 31.07.2012

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Elaboration and design of the GIS atlass, uploading on the MEF website of the hazard and risk maps for the Danube (section Danube Floodrisk Project and ICPDR) printing of the cartographic atlas with the risk and hazard maps  for the Danube Field, within the SEE EoI/A/077/2.1/X Danube Floodrisk Project – Ministry of Environment and Forests

The overall objective of the project is the design and implementation of the GIS atlas, containing the MMP site and the hazard and risk maps for the Danube. The printed cartographic atlas will contain hazard maps and flood risk maps for the Danube project: “Estimation of flood risk floodplain adapted to different users of the Danube – Danube FLOODRISK” (acronym: Danube FLOODRISK) funded by the European Union Programme South East Europe Transnational Cooperation 2007-2013.

The main objective is the design and implementation of GIS, followed by printing the cartographic atlas that will include hazard maps and flood risk for the Danube.

In terms of project results, we can mention the relevant ones

  1. computer typing and printing/duplication of an A3 album, ca. 80 pages, full color on special paper, mintage 3000 pcs in English language/Latin writing and optionally, national languages, of 3,000 copies of the Atlas of the hazard and risk maps of the Danube floodplain;
  2. collaboration for displaying the products on Atlas project site, using data geobase (product of WP5);
  3. the project website will be connected with ICPDR website for the cartographic displaying of the atlas, and for providing information planes used / developed to be taken for the reporting phase of hazard and risk maps;
  4. the designer will ensure full compatibility with the specific INSPIRE WISE systems according to the reporting to the European Commission.

Tab 3

The main services of the project include:

• Taking existing digital cartographic products;
• Proposing a unified representation for the implementation of Atlas;
• Presenting the first draft of the Atlas content;
• Providing the final version for review and approval imprimatur
• Providing product information for display on the project website, and informational planes geo-base to be included in the data;
• Providing contracted circulation (and DVD / memory sticks) and its distribution to partners;
• Monitoring contract.