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  • Romania

  • Regional Development Agency – West region

  • Technical Asistance Operational Program

  • 21.09.2012 - 21.02.2013

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Elaborating potential study services concerning the development in the municipalities of Timisoara and Arad – Regional Development Agency – West region.

The overall objective: to support planning activities of ADR West for the period 2014 -2020. Thus, through this study, ADR West aims to achieve a strategic document that represents an overall coherent framework for regional planning and programming in the post 2013 programming period and also a sustainable integrated urban development model based on economic, social and territorial cohesion.

The role of this strategic tool is to identify for the next programming period, actions that sustain the attractiveness of the cities Timisoara and Arad and the growth of their regional/zonal role, promoting urban regeneration, an integrated approach to urban development and strengthening urban-rural and urban-urban relations.

The study emphasizes, from an integrated territorial perspective, ways to exploit the potential of these two cities and the surrounding communities/localities, domains and activities with best chances for these cities to strengthen their competitive advantage and the role of poles of attraction in the West Region.


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The main services provided:

Elaboration of the study structure and of the work methodology;
Performing social, economic and territorial analysis;
Identifying vision and objectives;
Identifying development directions and package of projects.