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  • Romania

  • Pascani Municipality

  • Structural Funds

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Designing a park in Pascani Municipality

Overall Objective: Rehabilitation and development of green areas in the urban action of Pascani with implications on diminishing accessibility and interconnectivity disparities between the valley and the hills area of the city until 2015, thereby improving the attractiveness of the North Eastern Region, the quality of life and creating new jobs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Specific objective:  landscaping the central park land located in the urban action area (municipal park) in order to improve living conditions for citizens for a period of 21 months as follows:

  • Landscaping (green spaces):
    • cleaning and planting ornamental trees near the existing ones;
    • making flower design in monochrome rectangular spots with special species (it is worth mentioning the use of wheat – Triticum – in combination with poppy-Papaver);
    • creating « rumb shaped »lawn areas – – adopting lawns of two contrasting species such as shade and resistant limestone, arranged in rectangular patches that can be used for gaming, stay, outdoor sports etc.
    • population of rest alveola pergolas with ivy plants (Hedera helix)
  • Vertical systematization (inside alleys) :
    • building alleys inside the park in order to create directional axes subsequently marked by different spots of interese, provided with rest aleveolas or adjacently with multifunctional areas which can be used for diferent activities: games, rest, open air courses.
    • rehabilitating 9500 mp pedestrian aleys;
    • paved walkways inside;
    • rehabilitation of 250 sqm of stairs;
    • marking with appropriate signals to the park entrance ;
    • urban furniture and accessories;
    • providing pedestrian walkways, resting alveoli and multifunctional areas with suitable urban furniture and accessories, aiming to create a general pleasant for visitors, by mounting benches, fountains, solar lighting fixtures, bins, pergolas, water tanks , socles (for statues and totems).

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Drafting the funding file.
Preparing the documentation for the approval of intervention works with technical studies and expertise.