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  • Romania


  • ERDF Regional Operational Programme, Priority Axis 1

  • 08/2012 - 12/2013

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DC8 rehabilitation Borsa-Baia Borsa Maramures County, SMIS 7352

The overall objective of the project is to improve the accessibility of socio-economic transfer between Baia Borsa – Borsa, Maramures County

The specific objective is the rehabilitation of communal road DC-8 on the section Borsa Baia Borsa, Maramures county. This objective aims to achieve specific objectives of the Regional Operational Programme 1.1 .:

  • Increase the economic and social role of urban centers through a polycentric approach to foster a more balanced development of regions
  • Improving the accessibility of the regions and especially the accessibility of urban centers and their links to surrounding areas. Access is via highways – DN 18 (Baia Mare – Sighet – Viseu de Sus – Moisei – Borsa – Prislop – plains) and DN 17 C (connects Bistrita Nasaud and Dej) – provides access to the area. DN 18 connects over Prislop DN 17 – Suceava – Campulung – Wah – Bistrita. Village road rehabilitation will lead to:
  • Infrastructure development
  • Ensurig optimal conditions for traffic.
  • Increase competitiveness of regions as business locations. Early rehabilitation of the road is in close proximity to land, covering about 10 hectares, which operated flotation and the demolition will be able to offer attractive to investors, perhaps even generate an industrial park. Increase the contribution of tourims to the development of the Region.

The final results that are intended to be obtained at the completion of the implementation of the project

  • Roadway surface 50 555 square meters (46 976 main and 3688 side)
  • Pavement surface 30.010 sqm

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Consultancy services for project management within the project
Activity 1: Monitoring contracts with third parties in the project
Subtask 1.1: Inclusion in the progress reports the results of quantitative and qualitative execution of contracts with third parties and comparing them with those set out in the Application Form
Subtask 1.2: Inclusion in the progress reports the corrective measures proposed by the provider, in the event of unforeseen circumstances the execution of contracts with third parties, which may endanger the implementation of the project in the conditions stipulated in the grant agreement

Activity 2: Drafting and sending to the beneficiary requests for pre-financing / reimbursement, in accordance with the timetable set in the financing contract
Subtask 2.1: Assistance in preparing applications for pre-financing and reimbursement

Activity 3: Drafting and submission to the Beneficiary the monthly/quarterly progress reports
Subtask 3.1: Elaborating progress reports

Activity 4: Providing specialized assistance (economic, technical, legal)
Subtask 4.1: Economic, technical, legal assistance during the implementation of the project

Activity 5: Preparing documents required by the implementation procedures
Subtask 5.1: Preparing documents