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  • Romania

  • Buzau Municipality

  • The Regional Operational Programme Structural Funds POR 2007 - 2013

  • 07/2011 - 05/.2015

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Consulting services for the project “Rehabilitation of the historic monument” Marghiloman Manor Ensemble “(Villa Albatros, Marghiloman Park), Buzau Municipality”

General objective: increasing the attractiveness of areas of leisure and cultural and tourism objectives, and improving the quality of life for the community, tourists and investors by arranging public spaces for leisure and objectives of heritage area urban action until 2015.

Specific objective: restoration of the historical monument “Ensemble Marghiloman Mansion” by:

  • Rehabilitationworksof Albatros Houseandadjacent land, including: restoringconnectionsinside theequipment, Outdoor lighting-decorative lightinginsideand construction,landscaping,street furnitureitems, highlightingmonumentsin order torenovatethe house;
  • RehabilitationworksMarghilomanpark;
  • rehabilitation worksof VillaAlbatrosandadjacent land, including restoringconnectionsinsideinstallations, outdoor lightinganddecorative lightinginsideand construction,landscaping, furniture urbanenhancement ofmonuments, to renovatethe villa;
  • Restorationinvolvesbuildinginterior design workstorestorethe atmosphere ofthe roomsandexterior worksby fillingfacadeswithdecorative elementsdecorative elementscomplementtheridgeroof, gutters and downspoutsdecorativefinishing

The works consist of:

  • restoration ofinterior decorationthat can bereconstitutedafter photosof the era;
  • especiallyparquet flooringwithdecorativebordersand fields
  • oakpanelingonthe walls;
  • stagedressed inoakwithcarvedrailings;
  • ceilingswithlinearprofile, floral and geometric, woodorplaster;
  • wallpaperingthe walls withsilk orchintz,

Rehabilitation works Marghiloman park.

Work on “Rehabilitation Marghiloman park” consists in bringing the standards of normal use will not make changes in fleet structure, configuration paths or water surface, but it will solve waste recovery finishes and achieving enhanced functionality of existing components that make up the park .
It proposes setting up a plantation of willows at the water’s edge, with a dual role, namely to strengthen the banks and creating a contrast shaded areas between the existing park and water surface area.
In the main access is proposed to achieve a carpet of flowers the idea of obtaining an image representative of the manor-park.
It will rehabilitate existing alleys by pouring an asphalt to facilitate access for bikes and replacement of existing curbs.
It will restore electrical installations and lighting will be positioned in order to underline the architectural and environmental value of the park.

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The main services of the project include: provision of project management consultancy «Rehabilitation historical monument" Mansion Marghiloman Ensemble "(Villa Albatros, Parc Marghiloman), Buzau», in order to ensure implementation of the project in accordance with the grant contract and ROP Managing Authority requirements

The specific activities of contract provided by our company:
• Monitoring in terms of quantity and quality of the project with respect to budget and schedule of the project and its activities
• Monitoring the performance of procurement stages in time according to the schedule of activities in the application form
• Assisting in preparation of progress reports and reimbursement application
• Assisting in creating and updating the Project Implementation Plan
• Support the monitoring and evaluation of project
• Assistance in project management