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  • European Profiles Greece (leader), National Confederation of the Disabled People (NCDP) Greece, Global Initiative of Psychiatry Nederland, SC Euro-Link Consultants SRL & SC AVENSA CONSULTING SRL

  • Romania

  • Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Protection and Elderly Persons (MMFPSPV)

  • World Bank (Japan PHRD)

  • 05.02.2014 – 04.02.2015

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Consulting services for the design and implementation of a harmonized assessment criteria of disability and unified institutional structure”, which is implemented in the framework of the wider Programme “Improved Policy-Making and Institutional Framework for Persons with Disability”..

In order for the MMFPSPV to establish a unified assessment system which utilizes common structures, resources and instruments in order to assess and classify all disabled groups (disability/ invalidity) and which gradually builds mechanisms for the unification of service delivery, rights, facilities and funding sources, it should be equipped with standards and guidelines. Those standards and guidelines for identification of disability and holistic assessment of the disabled should be in line with internationally recognized standards for disability assessment, such as the International Classification of Functions (ICF) set by the World Health Organisation (WHO).


The overall objective of the current Assignment according to the ToR is: “To support the development of social policies that are fair, feasible and effective in order to increase the quality of life of people with disabilities”.

This overall objective will be achieved through the:

Provision of support to MMFPSPV to achieve a more effective protection of the persons with disabilities through better assessment of handicap and better information about people with disabilities.

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The main services of the project include:

• Deliverable #1: Inception Report
• Deliverable #2: Report on analysis of the assessment and classification in degree and type of disability system and of the system of the expertise of the work capacity
• Deliverable #3: Report on the analysis of the system of protection of persons with disabilities and of the system of granting invalidity pension
• Deliverable #4: Detailed proposal for the harmonized assessment criteria in terms of medical and functional issue, and proposal for the application guide including the tools, the procedures and the methodologies of work
• Deliverable #5: Detailed proposal for the institutional structure that will apply the new sets of assessment criteria
• Deliverable #6: Detailed proposal on improving of the drafting and implementing customized plans for recovery and social integration
• Deliverable #7: Special documentation for implementation of new sets of criteria, tools, procedures and methodologies for assessment
• Deliverable #8: Special documentation for the training services for the group of persons-resource and for the staff involved in the pilot projects
• Deliverable #9: Detailed proposals for improving / developing of the National Electronic Register of Persons with Disabilities (RENPH)
• Deliverable #10: Report on technical assistance activities undertaken to implement the new way of providing services focused on unified institutional structure and new assessment criteria
• Deliverable #11: Final Report