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  • JV “Avensa Consulting” Ltd

  • Republic of Moldova

  • Yucca Project SRL

  • Yucca Project SRL

  • 11/2012 – 03/2013

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Consulting Services for elaboration of Feasibility study regarding “Construction, development and operation of sports -tourist -entertaining complex in central park ” Ivanos ” from Orhei

This investment project consists in modernization of central park from Orhei town such that the area to be transformed into sport -tourist-entertaining complex where will be created and arranged more goals.

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List of works performed:
- Study of experience in the field of investment from outside the country (min 2 countries);
- Identification of public private partnership implementation methods for project implementation. Boundary land for investment;
- Analysis of existing legislation that regulates sphere covered by the project;
- Zoning of land in accordance with the destination;
- Identification and selection of machinery, equipment and landscaping areas
- Designing of trails;
- Designing of areas;
- Development of schemes and technical drawings;
- Development of general and local budget;
- Economic and financial analysis of investment;
- Analysis of options and funding sources;
- Development of implementation plan;
- Risk analysis;
- Translation in English.