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  • Romania

  • Vaslui Municipality

  • Structural Funds POR 2007 - 2013

  • 01/2011 - 03/2014

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Consultancy services for the implementation management of the project “Rehabilitation of the central pedestrian area and of the architectural lighting in Vaslui Municipality”

General objective: rehabilitating the urban infrastructure of the city of Vaslui by implementing ecological transit solutions for pedestrians area, living conditions for the community and investors, until 2015, thus rendering the North-Eastern Region more attractive from the perspectives of living and working conditions.

Specific objective: rehabilitating the pedestrian areas used for leisure and socialization in Vaslui, within a period of 18 months, by means of:

  • Rehabilitation of pedestrian areas in:
    • Sector 1: Piata Civica;
    • Sector 2: Ing. Badea Romeo pedestrian street;
    • Sector 3: Nicolae Balcescu street and parking lot;
    • Sector 4: Piata Independentei;
    • Sector 5: the street ending near Vaslui’s City Hall;
    • Sector 6: Nicolae Balcescu street;
    • Sector 7: Tineretului Park.
  • Rehabilitating the architectural illumination of:
    • The City Hall, Independence Square, Independence Monument, Civic Plaza, Interconnecting pedestrian walkways, Tineretului Park, Vaslui Judicial Court, County Museum “Stefan cel Mare” in Vaslui , County Police Inspectorate, Administrative Palace
    • “Constantin Tanase” Culture Hall, Romtelecom building, The children’s palace,
    • The former building of the National Bank  (Headquarters of Transilvania Bank), Army House.

Tab 3

Activity 1: Monitoring the activities of the project
1.1: Monitoring the project in terms of quantity and quality with compliance and inclusion in the project's budget and in its schedule
1.2: Elaborating progress reports as required by the funder
1.3: Elaborating applications for pre-financing and reimbursement requests as required by financier
1.4: Ensure compliance concerning legality and conformity of all activities and actions of the project
1.5: Implementation and updating the Project's implementation plan, following disscusions with project team members
1.6: Ensuring collaboration with project team members to conduct all activities and collaboration with all providers involved in the project in order to fulfill contractual duties
Activity 2: Establishing and maintaining adequate audit trails of project activities and sub-activities
2.1: Choosing appropriate audit trails of project activities and sub-activities
2.2: Implementation of appropriate audit trails of project activities and sub-activities
Activity 3: Providing legal advice within the project
3.1: Drafting documents required by the IB, MA ROP and other bodies that will require data and information on the progress of the Financing Contract
3.2: Participation at the monitoring visits and verification activities performed by the Intermediate Body / Managing Authority and / or other structures with control / verification / audit of grants from the Structural Funds
Activity 4: Ensuring quality of documentation
4.1: Designing a workflow to ensure planning for the entire documents related to the project financed by POR
4.2: Implementing the established workflow
Activity 5: Project Management
5.1: Establishing responsibilities for each team member
5.2: Implementing a monitoring tool for the project's beneficiary