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  • Romania

  • Vaslui Municipality

  • The Regional Operational Programme Structural Funds POR 2007 - 2013

  • 03/2011 - 12/2015

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Consultancy services for the implementation management of the project “Rehabilitation, modernization and extension of public transport infrastructure creating an intermodal terminal and rehabilitation, extension of public lighting in Vaslui municipality”

General objective: rehabilitating the urban infrastructure of the city of Vaslui by implementing ecological transit solutions for pedestrians , living conditions for the community and investors, by means of public illumination,  until 2015, rendering the North-Eastern Region more attractive from the perspectives of  living and working conditions.

Specific objective: implementation of ecological transit solutions offering pleasant and safe environment-friendly public transportation services, by means of rehabilitation and extension of the trolleybus transit system and rehabilitation and extension of the public illumination system, optimizing its energy consumption, at the level of the urban area, and implementing intermodal solutions for the optimization of  the public transport system in Vaslui over a period of 21 months, through the following actions:

  • Rehabilitation of 9.550 m of trolleybus network as well as extension of the network with 4,000 m;
    • Rehabilitation of trolleybus lines on Decebal, Stefan cel Mare and. Republicii streets;
    • Extension of the trolleybus network on Stefan cel Mare street and Sos. Nationala;
    • Rehabilitation of 11.031 m of public lighting network and its extension to 4.130 m:
    • Rehabilitation of the public lighting system on Decebal, Stefan cel Mare, and Republicii streets.
    • The extension of the public lighting system on Stefan cel Mare street and Sos. Nationala.
  • The creation of an intermodal terminal on a surface of 19.505 sq. m, on Decebal street, having the following characteristics: Ac body C1 (the main bulding serving as an intermodal terminal)= 845,36 mp; Ad body C1 = 1072, 12 sq. m; Ac=Ad Body C2 (secondary building acting as a changing room for personnel)= 110,40 sq. m; Ac=Ad Wash station= 160, 0 sq. m.

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The main activities of project provided by our company:

• monitoring the performance of public procurement stages;
• documentation of public procurement in accordance with the procedures in force ;
• multiplication of public procurement cases to be submitted to the institution financing;
• providing financing institution interface experts;
• Interim and final reporting ;
• preparation of reimbursement requests ;
• assisting the beneficiary at the time of field visits following submission of reimbursement claims;
• assistance for technical support documents for the part of the project to implement ;
• assistance for supporting documents related financial side of the project implemented;
• assisting at the time of contracting, payments and at the time of realization of the project
• activities in accordance with procedures and recommendations financing institution and in accordance with the issues raised in the documents related to the investment
• guidance in getting results beneficiary who proposed them in documentation related to the investment;
• tehnical and administrative assistance during the implementation of the contract ;
• advice on financial and technical difficulties related to the financing contract ;
• monitoring and evaluation of project implementation by conducting visits, analyzing the achievement of the project objectives and how these objectives;
• analyzing the evolution of the overall project in accordance with the implementation schedule, specifying the reasons for any delays and their occurrence;
• identify deviations from project implementation schedule and his objectives and propose corrective actions.