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  • Romania


  • Structural Funds

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Consultancy services for project implementation management „Supporting the development of SC TERMOPLAST S.R.L. by purchasing hi-tech equipment”

The added value of this project is reflected in the following features:

  • The acquisition of modern and efficient machinery;
  • Increase profitability  of the enterprise;
  • Obtain long-term results, such as strategic investment with positive outcomes on the environment;
  • Increase in the competitivity of small and medium enterprises around the city of Roman, having as a result an increase in their revenue and of the number of work places in Neam county;
  • The reduction of unemployment in Neamt county due to the increase of the number of investments in the area.

Tab 3

Activity 1: Monitoring the activities of the project
Activity 2: Establishing and maintaining adequate audit trails of project activities and sub-activities
Activity 3: Providing legal advice within the project
Activity 4: Ensuring quality of documentation
Activity 5: Project Management