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  • Romania

  • Flamanzi City

  • Structural Funds

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Building of a business support centre in Flamanzi city

The object of the project is the economic development of food industry and small craft industries in Flamanzi city by creating a business support structure, thereby increasing the quality of life and create new jobs.

The specific objective of the project is to create an appropriate and equipped business support structure, with a role of incubator which represents a favourable frame for exploiting the potential of companies and developing the business environment, offering the following services:

  • Lease of office spaces: 10 offices with a total area of 211.30 sqm
  • hall rental services with multiple functions of 41 seats (38.9 sqm): conference room,
  • videoconferencing room, multimedia room (multifunctional hall).
  • Administrative services (Phone, Fax, Photocopying, Secretarial, Internet).
  • Consulting Services in: Legal, Economic, Marketing.

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Application form (application form with attachments) in accordance with the Guidelines for the preparation of socio-economic analyses and studies necessary to substantiate the request for funding in accordance with the eligibility criteria of the grant program, and assistance to the Contracting Authority for the implementation in order to provide supporting documents and attach it to the application form (property documents, legal documents, resumes, resolutions, certificates, approvals, authorizations, etc.).
Preparing the feasibility study, including economic and financial analysis (cost-benefit analysis, the economic part of the feasibility study) and including feasibility studies, such as PUD, PUZ, technical expertise, traffic study, documentation for obtaining approvals, including geotechnical, topographical studies, etc.