R&D in Urban Development

Avensa, together with the Community Development Center and under its juridical umbrella, supports the set up and development of the Research & Development Center in Integrated Space Development for the Urban Settlements (URB.I.S.).

The goal of URB.I.S. is to promote common spatial planning initiatives across regions, consisting in implementing the principles of sustainability in integrated space development concept in urban settlements, by promoting new currents of urban and space development concepts in order to stimulate urban and space competition between localities and to increase the degree of polarization between them.

URB.I.S. is looking also for the interdependent relations between the urban and spatial concepts and the economic development, the democratic approach, the globalization, the potential of the developing regions and the constraints of the limited resources, in order to find solutions for increasing the quality of life.

URB.I.S. aims local and regional governance with impact on support to civil society and local communities in the developing regions on the topic of spatial development and planning in urban settlements.

The research and education activities of URB.I.S. aim to deliver studies, strategies and trainings that will be used as references for sustaining the creation of the regional atlas of competitiveness, which wil show the poles that can polarize to gain a competitive region through the competitive advantages of each urban settlement. Spatial development and urban planning will be studies with a new approach considering: Balanced socio-economic development of regions; Improved quality of life; Diverse cultural identities integrated in a global world; Managing the natural resources; Responsible and Rational use of land.