Medium and Long Term Objectives of AVENSA:

  1. To develop Avensa brand at international level
  2. To offer an integrated and sustainable approach in the fields of technical assistance, consulting, design and engineering, IT&C and audit
  3. To use the ”human face” of consulting in the relationship with the customer by developing a dedicated team with proper skills in managing big projects
  4. To deliver tailored services and reaction speed to always fulfill the deadlines
  5. To fulfill the customers’ requirements at the highest quality standards
  6. To always look for new challenges and ”first time” projects where to promote visonary solutions by preserving the heritage
  7. To permanently promote research, innovation, IT&C technology, renewable resources, environment protection, equality of chances with results in increasing the quality of life
  8. To develop international consortia, by strengthening the current partnerships and developing new agreements
  9. To identify and promote the Romanian competences in partnership with the foreign expertise