AVENSA was founded in 2003 under the name of Office Consulting, after the separation of the consultancy department within the Community Development Center Association of Iasi – a NGO that operates since 2000, one of the pioneers in consulting services for grants on the market. At the end of 2004, the company faced a new development stage − after developing its own activity and outcomes, the need for creating a brand to identify the services provided by our company became a must − AVENSA – art of performance.

More about Avensa

Presently, AVENSA brand is a capital which creates added value for our partners and clients, representing an integrated approach in delivering services for the projects management, which has constant progress, both in respect of the quantity and diversity of the services and also of their quality, with expertise in the provision of high quality services to the public and private environment and NGOs at national and international level.

AVENSA has the following QS CERT certifications: ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001:2004. AVENSA is also a member of the European Parliament of Enterprises under the Eurochambres.

Keypoints in development

2000: the set up of the CDC - Community Development Center (NGO);
2000: starting delivering grants consulting for NGOs and SMEs;
2003: the separation of the consulting department of CDC by setting up the company named S.C. Office Consulting S.R.L.
2003: starting delivering grants consulting for LPAs.
2004: creating the brand AVENSA and changing the name of the company in S.C. Avensa Consuting S.R.L.
2005: opening the office in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova;
2005: starting delivering grants consulting for LPAs in infrastructure projects;
2007: starting delivering consulting and project management for big enterprises and for big public infrastructure;
2008: starting delivering technical assistance in capacity building for central public administration on programme management;
2008: developing the area of services with development strategies and urban planning;
2008: opening the office in Bucharest, like the main office for technical assistance;
2009: creating the own department of design & engineering;
2010: being elected like a memberof the European Parliament of Enterprises under the Eurochambres;
April 2012: creating a new department of IT&C consulting;
August 2012: starting to deliver audit services through S.C. Avensa Audit S.R.L.
September 2012: opening an office in Beijing, China together with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bucharest.
October 2012: changing the visual identity of Avensa.